Pharmaceutical science is an area of study that explores and elucidates the physical properties of chemicals such as medicines and food that are deeply related to maintaining life and health, as well as methods for their analysis and manufacture, their physiological effects, and their usege.

It covers a broad range, from the development of drugs that save lives and improve health, to public health and food sanitation, and to the functions of professional pharmacists who are directly involved in medical treatment.

In recent years, as new drugs are being actively developed, a great deal of interest has been focused on issues such as their side effects and drug-induced diseases and suffering. In this light, this University is conducting pharmaceutical education based on educational policies in place since our school foundation, that is, pursuing scholarly learning as well as improving one's character under the direction of our faculty who have outstanding teaching skills and who are passionate about pharmaceutical sciences.

For pharmacists and other professionals who are engaged in work vital to life, it goes without saying that not only is a broad range of knowledge demanded of them, but also strict ethical standards and a rich and varied sense of what it means to be human are required.

This University is intensely pursuing R&D on outstanding new drugs with the highest degree of safety, and furthermore moreover besides in addition, we have been sending forth to medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies personnel who feel inspired to contribute to society.

We are all working with serious intent on study and research to keep and improve protect the life and health of people everywhere.