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The carrier of various drugs is examined and put to practical use to use a drug effectively.  I examine the various types of organic and inorganic material aiming at development of carrier of the new type in the functional molecular chemistry laboratory. I assume it drug carrier (DDS carrier) through the examination of these materials and perform food, medical supplies, cosmetics and the development to the environmental material.

  The phosphate attracts attention as the functional material, which the various fields can use and plays an important role among the living bodies as DNA and a component of ATP.  We synthesized functional compound utilizing characteristic of phosphate.  The interlayer space of inorganic layered phosphate can be designed freely, and development of the tailor maid environmental material, which can remove various environmental pollution materials.

  The cyclodextrin of the ringed oligosaccharide can include and stabilize various organic compounds, and has been used in the fields such as food, cosmetics. Aiming for adding new function to this cyclodextrin, I examine esterification or the polymerism. The stabilization of the drug, which had difficulty with stabilization conventionally or lytic improvement are enabled hereby.

  The hydrotalcite where it is done antacid of having much to do as so-called digestive medicine is one of layered clays.  I can immobilize various molecules and ions between the layers.  The stabilization of various drugs is possible and, using this characteristic, examines possibility as DDS carrier. In addition, the clay is used as a binder of cosmetics widely and examines the possibility as the new cosmetics material.

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