Mr. Hirono successed in the entrance examination of graduate school.

6th grade undergraduate students graduated.


Hasegawa joined the lab.

Welcome to Department of Hygienic Sciences !

Pharamceutical sciences include wide variety of sciences, that is, not only researches on the medical drugs for various diseases, but also researches on the maintenance of our health. Hygienic sciences are the study field on the interaction between environment and our body, which contributes to our health.

Humans always associate with outer environment for life.
We eat various food to intake various kinds of chemical molecules (including nutrients and water) to maintain our body.
In addition, we sense the changes of environment by using our five senses, in order to know about the temperature, humidity, food, and enemies. The changes of environment sometimes injure our body, and our body repair those injuries to maintain our life.

We are investigating the interaction between the environment and our body. We hope our studies contribute to know how we are able to live long with health.

Recruit of Graduate School Students !

We welcome Ph.D. and master's degree candidates, who are strongly motivated to basic and application research !

Details are found HERE !